Core Competencies

Core Competency Description

Biomedical science

To apply biomedical science knowledge to nursing practice safety, correctly, and effectively

To use the concept of health promotion to improve health behavior

Skills for clinical care

To utilize the nursing process to provide personalized care

To create and maintain a safe, caring environment

To obtain the ability to provide pan-cultural care

Communication and cooperation

To have competences in communication and coordination across multiple disciplinary teams

To have competences in innovative care across multiple disciplinarians

Critical thinking

To have competent in critical thinking and problem solving

To have competence in clinical performance based on evidence

Attainment of caring

To have the spirit of caring.

To deliver care with the spirit of caring

Ethical literacy

To participate in issues regarding ethical and legal problems

To demonstrate the competence in professional ethics and legal issues


To be passionate toward professional care

To possess dedication to professionalism and diligence in performing duties

International perspective

To understand global healthcare issues

To have International perspective and work with professionals globally

Lifelong education

To continue self-development and self-reflection

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